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Here we are, a bit crazy, loving each other family.
History of breeding animals in our family began from dreams.  At 1997 year we decided on the puppies' purchase not very popular in Poland race the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

Our dogs brought back on exhibitions significant successes all over Poland.

It let us this amazing joy, that loved by us dogs occupy high ranking positions in scale of whole country.

Our friends provided for years cattery -- Cornish Rex. From the first moment we falled in love with that special cat breed.

      In 2005 year our family moved to Ireland. Our dogs in perfect condition live well earned pension life among our friends.

      In 2007 year we came to conclusion, that the time realize our dreams about Cornish Rex , in Poland fulfillment has been  impossible because of dogs' breeding at that time - and so far our love for Cornish Rex was platonically only.

After several months of the intensive searches of good and responsible cattery, we found such one on Byelorussia.

We've been checking breeders' opinions and also genetic lines presented by chosen cattery line.

      These cats' race is amazing and unique, we can tell hundreds of stories about them how wise ,gentle and smart are they and funny, friendly and careful as well. Friends of ours called them "our children" because we   are so dedicated to them.


     We simply love them and why not??!


                                                   All cats lovers are welcome to contact us.


                                          All cats in my breed have genealogy and are pedigree.

                                                    Our cats are members and have registration papers from

                                                               WELCOME TO ABIGAIL CATTERY

                                  We breed pedigree Cornish Rex and Russian Blue cats

                                                    We invite you to browse our site


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